$325,000 Contribution Receive

  • Pre-Sale
  • soft cap
  • bonus
1 ETH = 62,000 $HAN

Revolutionary ICO Platform with Exclusive Rewards Program

True Ownership

Ecosystem will give you true ownership you created or purchased.

In-game Assets

Token and NFTs will be useable inside the games. Also it will avaliable our different games .


Holders of HAN tokens can stake them to earn rewards

High Potential

High opportunity, high potential with new style games

Power of Ethereum

Security & Control over money

True P2E Gaming

The World's 1st ICO Platform That Offers Rewards is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the way Initial Coin Offerings are conducted

  • Development: 57%
  • HR Scale Up: 9%
  • Ecosystem Exp: 10%
  • Cinematics: 5%
  • Legal & Regulation: 10%
  • Marketing: 9%
  • Liquidity: 7%
  • Team: 15%
  • Staking: 20%
  • Ecosystem: 24%
  • Tresury: 10%
  • Sales: 23%

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source
blockchain with smart contract

  • 1Symbol: HAN
  • 2Initial Value : 1 ETH = 62,000 $HAN
  • 3Type : ERC20


Q1 2024

Market Release

Going to be released DEX/CEX markets. Competing launchpads and seed-private sales

Q2 2024

Kingdawn Alpha

Kingdawn testing with community and expanding community with new MMO lovers

Q3 2024

Ecosystem Expansion

Growing ecosystem with more games and Kingdawn updates

Q4 2024

New Journeys

Kingdawn Beta and growing community more then 100k. Testing Allgone with community

Q1 2025

Education Expansion

Starts of the Dynasties Academy, Kingdawn Global Launch and Allgone Beta. Airdrops will starts

Q2 2025

Ecosystem Growth Continues

An expansive gaming universe with up to 50 games and Spacedown Alpha, Kingdawn and Allgone updates

Our Team

Max Yenin

Art Director

Roman Syrotenko

Game Producer

S.Onder Turkmen


Alex Saveliev

3D Charecter Artist

Nikita Galushin

3D Character Artist

Mikhail Suvorov

Level Designer

Borislav Koreniugin

Environment Artist

Ilia Gorbunov

Environment Artist

Ihor Tovstochub

Technical Game Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Dynasties - a revolutionary gaming ecosystem that redefines your gaming experience by uniting different worlds, timelines, and technologies. By merging Web2 and Web3 architectures, Dynasties aims to provide unparalleled creative freedom, financial opportunities, and true gaming pleasure for its community. We believe that games should bring enjoyment and deliver the highest level of quality.

HAN is the cornerstone token of the Dynasties gaming ecosystem, bridging diverse worlds and timelines through Web2 and Web3 integration. As a unified currency across our platform, HAN tokens empower players with extensive ownership, access to exclusive in-game activities, and the ability to personalize their gaming experience. With HAN, players can purchase virtual items, participate in competitions, benefit from referral rewards, and influence game development through governance votes. Beyond customization and in-game enhancements, HAN enables staking rewards, cross-platform utility, and facilitates NFT minting and trading on our dedicated marketplace. By holding HAN, players gain a stake in the ecosystem’s growth, participating in a revolutionary gaming environment that combines enjoyment, quality, and financial opportunity.

Kingdawn merges traditional MMORPG gameplay with innovative blockchain technology, offering a rich, historical world filled with vibrant cultures and complex economies. Players enjoy unprecedented ownership through NFTs, customizing characters, engaging in diverse professions, and participating in thrilling activities. The game's narrative, economic system, and social structures create a deep, immersive experience.

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